Space Wabbits Music

Another Sky (A Cool Place to Live)
The Spacewabbits approach a promising planet, with excitement and some relief.
Salsa beat, a suspiciously identical-looking male-voice choir, and solos from Harpo Marx.
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Shoot Soot!
The Spacewabbits encounter some scary and hostile behaviour, but escape unscathed.
A shameless homage to Bebop Deluxe.
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We Rolling
The Spacewabbits head off into space, in great spirits, to seek out new adventures.
Space Reggae, with a trombone band. Extended Dub Mix by sound magician Patrik Stacke.
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Crusoe's Canoe
From The Difficult Second Album, not part of the Spacewabbits back story, just a song about self-deception, and the perils of belief.
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...or watch the HD video for 'Another Sky':